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Animal Cribs With Antonio Ballatore Offers Outrageous Renovations To Transform Standard Spaces Into Pet Paradises

Discovery Channel: "Antonio’s design expertise, along with his fun and fearless personality, plus amazing ‘before & after’ reveals, make this an entertaining, must-watch series."

Taffy the cat gets the ultimate playroom in Animal Cribs clip "Do you think the desires and demands of pets should be as important as those of their human guardians when it comes to the interior design of houses and their gardens? Then does Animal Planet have a new show for you — and its name is Animal Cribs."

New Show 'Animal Cribs' Tackles Over The Top Renovations For Your Pets "Renovation shows are having a moment, and yet with all the options past and present, there hasn't been one totally dedicated to one very important part of the family: animals. Thankfully, Animal Planet is on it..."


Antonio Ballatore Can’t Get His Toilet To Stop Running "On the show [Animal Cribs], Antonio renovates living spaces for homeowners and their pets, things like a cabin redesign for a family with a blind dog, and a room redesign featuring a soaring sculptural cat-climbing wall. Antonio took some time from his schedule to participate in our twenty questions questionnaire."

Animal Cribs Transforms Basement with 20 Unusual Pets Into the Furriest, Scaliest Man Cave Ever "Think back to your MTV-watching days…remember Cribs? The show that took you inside the homes of Mariah Carey and Aaron Carter? Well, Animal Cribs is sort of like that show mixed with Extreme Makeover: Home Edition."